Hendersons Group Investments is a rental and resale advertising site for individuals who own timeshares, fractionals, or full time ownership in luxury real estate destinations that feature golf courses. Much of our existing inventory is in Mexico, where we have our home base, but we are actively looking for additional properties throughout the world. Our speciality comes from connecting travelers golfers with resort owners. You accept or decline the rental or resale.

Our Partners

Our Methods

Hendersons Group Investments has a unique approach to the vacation ownership marketing industry. Global Resort Connections positions itself mostly as a wholesale distributor of resort weeks.
This allows Hendersons Group Investments to market your weeks in any venue and with any travel partner that produces excellent marketing results.
You can feel completely confident in Hendersons Group Investments in our marketing division and know all you have to do is list your weeks and let us take care of everything else for you.

After decades of experience in the vacation ownership industry, we have found that a cookie-cutter approach to the resale industry simply doesn't work. We break our timeshare resale efforts into three methods: for American properties, Canadian properties, and Mexican or Caribbean properties.